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Konu : New Features of GstarCAD MC PRO
A few days ago, GstarCAD released the updated version of mobile CAD software – GstarCAD MC PRO. We believe that compared to previous versions, everybody wants to know which functions were improved. And compared to other similar mobile CAD software, what advantages GstarCAD MC PRO has. Check it out below.

1. Browse .dwg drawings directly without conversion
The previous version of GstarCAD MC could only browse .ocf files. Users have to convert .dwg drawings via PC, which really troubled them.

After carefully research of engineers of GstarCAD, this problem was perfectly solved. Users will browse .dwg drawings by GstarCAD MC PRO directly without conversion. The obstacles to the transmission between mobile devices no longer exist.

2. Display Chinese and East Asian font perfectly
As we all know, there’re lots of differences between East Asian font and Occident font. The East Asian fonts cannot be properly displayed in many mobile CAD programs. To fix this issue, GstarCAD MC PRO applied font language intelligent analysis technology and perfectly solved this problem. Chinese, Korean and Japanese fonts are all displayed properly. To East Asian users, the significance is undoubtedly great.

3. Perfect off-line function
Currently, some of CAD software on the market emphasizes the network experience too much; while the applications of software are extremely limited. Most of tablets have to go online through WIFI, but in many cases there is no wireless network outdoors or on-site. So users cannot download or synchronize drawings in these environments. Even if there is network, the software application should have been influenced by the performance of servers or the speed of local wireless network. Sometimes, the drawings downloading is slow or unsuccessfully. The local drawings have to be synchronized to server and the software performance will be reduced. When wireless network ran into problems, the mobile CAD software would crush frequently.

Considering the practical requirement of users, GstarCAD MC PRO’s off-line function has been reinforced. Users can read and edit drawings without network anywhere and anytime. This function has been acclaimed by users widely.

4. Powerful compatibility
One of GstarCAD’s core advantages is the compatibility. GstarCAD MC PRO supports the files generated by AutoCAD and other CAD software.

Besides these functions, GstarCAD MC PRO has more powerful advantages. Interested in GstarCAD MC PRO? Download GstarCAD MC PRO and enjoy the experience of design that GstarCAD brings you.

Download GstarCAD MC PRO:

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